Our Services

Apart from our main activities of selling, purchasing and leasing of trucks, trailers and semi-trailers, AC TIR s.r.o. Company also offers the following services:

Consignment sale

If you do not manage to reach an agreement with our re-purchaser on a price acceptable to you, it does not matter. You can leave the vehicle with us for a consignment sale at the price acceptable to you.

After we sell it, we will immediately pay you in cash. Our commission for this service is 5% + VAT at the most. We would like to stress that parking of your vehicle is FREE OF CHARGE.


Have you decided to buy a newer vehicle from us but don’t know what to do with your old one?

We will be pleased to help. One of our re-purchasing specialists will evaluate your vehicle, whilst taking into account the fact that you will be buying another vehicle from us.

If we reach an agreement, which we are confident will happen, we will buy your current vehicle and you will pay just the price difference, or you can use the money on an advance payment.

Import at your order

We may do not currently have what you are looking for. It could very well happen, we are sorry to say. In such a case, leave the specifications of the required vehicle with our sale assistant. As soon as our mobile purchases find such a vehicle on the EU market, they will inform you straightaway. If it meets your expectations, you can pay in advance and we will import the vehicle to the Czech Republic and arrange all the necessary documentation for you.


Have you already decided what you want but are short of money at the moment?

It’s easy. Our financial specialist can prepare and offer tailor-made financing to suit your needs, whether you want a lease arrangement or credit payment arrangement.

Naturally he will choose the best leasing company for you /ČSOB, Agro Leasing, Uni Leasing, Santander, etc./


Have you bought a car from us and you are going to drive it? Naturally, you can close both compulsory Road Traffic Act Insurance and accident insurance. You can choose from several insurance companies who work closely with us /Czech Insurance Company, Kooperativa, Alianz, Generali, etc./.


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