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We will be very happy to assist you with the sale of your lorry or utility vehicle

Contact our specialist today and let your car be valued without obligation. Thanks to the long-term tradition you lorry is valued by real professionals, so that the purchase price is always actual and the highest possible.

Use the form or contact us directly at tel. 777 896 896

Consignment sale of vehicles and technique

Our goal and our motto is by all means a satisfied customer. If you feel that your vehicle has after our evaluation higher market price than what you were offered and you do not need money right away, you have the possibility to leave your car by us for a consignment sale. Your lorry will be being sold with the same care as if it were ours. That means that the potential buyer will not know that the offered car is not our property.

In the Czech Republic we belong among the biggest and most well-known seller of loading utility vehicles and lorries, so that practically nowhere else you have a bigger chance to sell your vehicle.

The vehicle will be displayed on advertising servers all over Europe. You can find the list here:

  • Money right away in cash
  • We take over all guarantees for the car
  • Thanks to the long-term tradition you car is valued by real professionals
  • We will manage all the paper work connected to the transfer for you
  • After agreement we will come for the car to you
  • The possibility of contra-account of any vehicle when the fact that you chose a car at us will be taken into account when calculating the purchase price

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